Taste the Australian summer

Inspired by Australia's easy going attitude and vibrant iced-coffee culture, enjoy two cool new recipes ideal for moments of chill.

Limited Edition Coffees

  • Flat white over ice


  • Long black over ice


Served with the Australian state of mind

Taking their cue from the laid-back Australian mindset, these delicious recipes are refreshingly simple. Chill with a Long Black Over Ice or relax with a Flat White Over Ice.

Flat white over ice

Sweet harmony

Roasted notes and rich aromas strikes the perfect balance with the sweetness of milk. Like a gentle breeze on a hot summer's day, The Flat White Over Ice keeps things fresh.


The recipe

Sweet and smooth in equal measure

  • Fill your Nespresso glass with ice cubes

  • Pour over 4 oz of fresh milk

  • Add 0.84 oz of coffee

Long black over ice

A vibrant blend

The sharp notes and fruity aromas combine for a refreshing blend. As a lighter roast, it stands alone without milk. For cool Australian twist, pour over sparkling water with ice.


The recipe

A surprising ICED COFFEE

  • Pour ice into your Nespresso glass

  • Add 4 oz of crisp sparkling water

  • Add 0.84 oz of coffee

Coffee assortments

The taste of Australia and beyond

As well as refreshing recipes inspired by Australia, enjoy more coffee moments with an assortment pack.

  • Nespresso Over Ice 2-Sleeve Assortment

Cool summer accessories

  • Australian Iced Coffee Capsules

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