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Q: How long is the Nespresso warranty?

A: All Nespresso machines and Aeroccinos are covered with a 2-year local warranty based on the purchase date. To be eligible for the warranty, you must be a registered Nespresso Club Member in the Philippines.

In such cases, we will collect your Nespresso machine and provide you with a temporary service unit so that you will never miss your Nespresso moment.

For full mechanics of the Nespresso local warranty, you may reach our Customer Relationship Center hotline at 8477-7870 or 1800-10-8477-7870 (toll free) from Monday to Saturday, 9AM-7PM, except on holidays..

Q: How much does a Nespresso machine repair cost?

A: Machine repair costs vary depending on our partner technical team’s assessment of your Nespresso machine. Costs may include service fees, spare parts, and delivery fee.

During the 2-year local warranty period, Nespresso offers the Nespresso Assistance Package for machines that are covered with valid warranty. For machines that are not covered by the local warranty, our Customer Relations team will present you with a quote, where you can decide whether you would like to proceed with the repair of your machine

Q: Does Nespresso capsules have expiration date?

A: They do not have an expiry date, but a best before date. This means that the quality, aromas, and taste remain optimal for no less than twelve (12) months.

We guarantee the aromatic profile of our coffees. Past these twelve (12) months, there might be a small reduction in the aroma intensity in the blends, but the product remains safe for consumption. You can find the best before date printed on each sleeve.

Q: What is the difference between a “ristretto”, “espresso”, and a “lungo”?


  • A ristretto is a 25ml shot of coffee (the smallest cup button in some machines). The ristretto capsules contain 5g of coffee of a very fine grind.
  • An espresso is a 40ml shot of coffee (the small cup button). The espresso capsules contain 5g of coffee of a very fine grind.
  • A lungo is a 110ml shot of coffee (the large cup bottom). The lungo capsules contain 7g of coffee of a courser grind, meaning that more water can be passed through the capsules before you begin to over extract

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Q: Customer Relations Center Hotline

A: If you need assistance, please call our Coffee Specialists at +632 8 477-7870 or 1800-10-8477-7870 (toll free) from Monday to Saturday, 9AM-7PM, except on holidays.

Q: Forgot Password

A: You may access your account again by clicking the “Forgot Password” button at the Login Page. You will be asked to input your email address, and an activation link will be sent to reset your password.

Q: What are your payment options?

A: For orders within Metro Manila, payment can be settled in two (2) options:

  • Credit Card
  • Cash on Delivery

For orders outside Metro Manila, payment can be settled through:
  • Credit Card

Q: How do I register my machine on my account?

A: Click on the “Your Account” button at the top of the screen. Select the option “My Personal Information” and click on “Edit” or “Add a Machine”. Select your machine among all the machines listed and enter the details required on the page.

*Note: If you still have trouble registering your machine, please call our Customer Relationship Center at +632 8 477-7870 or 1800-10-8477-7870 (toll free) from Monday to Saturday, 9AM-7PM, except on holidays and we will assist you immediately.

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Q: What are your delivery terms?

A: Upon confirmation of payment, Nespresso makes every possible effort to ensure that orders made via are delivered in 3 – 5 working days if within Metro Manila, 10 – 15 working days if outside Metro Manila, and 10 – 15 working days via courier hub pick-up if within Out of Delivery Zones, after order has been confirmed. Working days for Nespresso Philippines are defined as Mondays to Saturdays. You are encouraged to have an alternative representative to receive your order should you be unavailable on the date and time of delivery. This can be done during the checkout process.

If no one is available to receive the order upon delivery, the courier will automatically deliver the next day. If order was still not received, your order will be put on hold* and delivered only until you have confirmed a delivery date with our Coffee Specialists. Customer will be charged P150 to be paid in cash for any 3rd attempt delivery. *Learn more about our Terms and Conditions.

Q: Where can I purchase Nespresso Capsules?

A: You can order online via our website Just register and create an account to be a member, and once you’re logged in, you can start placing your order of Nespresso capsules.

You can also purchase Nespresso capsules in our official boutiques and pop up stores. To know the exact locations, visit this link

*Note: Nespresso machine retailers (Trade Stores in Malls and Appliances Store) only sell machines. They do not sell capsules.

Q: Are you using your own company courier to deliver the parcels?

A: We work with third-party carriers, LBC and QRS, to deliver the Goods nationwide.

*Note: Delivery for orders outside Metro Manila, the lead time is 3-6 working days. If your order doesn’t arrive within 3-6 working days, please call our Customer Relationship Center hotline at 8477-7870 or 1800- 10-8477-7870 (toll free).

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Q: Can pregnant women drink coffee and bad for our health?

A: It is generally safe for expectant mothers to consume a total of 300mg of caffeine a day. However, we suggest that it would be best to consult a doctor before consumption. It is not bad for our health if we only consume a moderate amount of coffee, which is 4 to 5 cups a day. This is considered safe by all food authorities and does not pose any risk to human health.

Q: Why does Nespresso use aluminum to pack their capsules?

A: Nespresso stands for highest coffee quality, as guaranteed by the freshness and intensity of the coffee aroma. Aluminum offers an impermeable barrier to oxygen, light, ultra-violet rays or water vapour. This protection is essential for preserving the high quality of the coffee.

Aluminum is the best material available today for protecting the freshness, taste, and quality of our coffees. Additionally, aluminum is highly valuable from a sustainability perspective. It is infinitely recyclable, and an estimated 75% of all aluminum produced is still in use today. Because its properties do not change in the recycling process, which uses only 5% of the energy required to produce new aluminum, it can be reused in a wide range of products, from cars to computers, and many more.

Q: Why is Nespresso coffee more expensive than coffee found in stores?

A: Nespresso capsules are competitively priced based on the quality of our coffee. We select the highest quality beans from the world’s finest coffee-producing regions. Only the top 1-2% of the world’s coffee crop meets our specific taste and aroma profile. We also offer best-in-class personalized services that match the lifestyles and preferences of our Nespresso Club Members.

Q: What determines the intensity of the coffee capsules? Does it have something to do with the caffeine content?

A: The intensity is defined by a coffee’s degree of roasting, its body, and its bitterness. In addition, the intensity is due to the concentration of the coffee. It does not refer to the amount of caffeine found in the coffee.

Q: Where can I find my machine’s serial number?

A: Your Nespresso machine’s serial number consists of nineteen (19) alphanumeric characters located in one of the following areas on the machine:

  • On the drip tray, printed on a removable sticker
  • At the base of the machine, printed on a removable sticker
  • On the original box of the machine when it was delivered

For assistance, you may contact our Customer Relations hotline at 8477-7870 or 1800-10-8477-7870 (toll free).

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Q: What is Novateur Coffee Concepts Inc.?

A: Novateur Coffee Concepts Inc. is a newly formed and wholly-owned subsidiary of Philippine Vending Corporation. We are the official distributor of Nespresso in the Philippines. Our office is located at:

Novateur Coffee Concepts Inc.
2nd Floor Retail Unit 14 & 24
Rockwell Business Center Sheridan
Sheridan Street corner United Street Highway Hills,
Mandaluyong City 1550

You may call us at 8727-4370, or email us at

Q: How can I submit a proposal or a sponsorship request?

A: If you would like to collaborate with Nespresso Philippines, you can send an email detailing your request to We will contact you if we are interested.

Q: Does Nespresso offer Fair Trade coffee?

A: It is estimated that approximately 6% of the coffee that we purchase is certified Fairtrade, as a number of farmers in our AAA Program are also Fairtrade certified. The core of Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability and farmer welfare is built around the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which incorporates over 63,000 farmers across 13 countries. We understand and respect the responsibility that Nespresso has in creating a sustainable coffee economy, and in embedding our best practice principles throughout our value chain, from coffee cherry to the cup. Unlike the Fairtrade label, which sets a minimum price, Nespresso pays a premium price of 30% to 40% above standard market price, and 10% to 15% above coffees of similar quality. The Positive Cup Program also has goals in the areas of coffee sourcing and social welfare.

To learn more about our AAA Program and other sustainability efforts, please call our Coffee Specialists at +632 8 477-7870 or 1800-10-8477-7870 (toll free) from Monday to Saturday, 9AM-7PM, except on holidays.

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