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A second life for your used Nespresso capsules


It’s been almost three decades since Nespresso, the pioneer and reference in premium, single-serve coffee, introduced its aluminum capsules and transformed the way people drink their coffee. Aluminum was found to be the best material to preserve the freshness and aroma of coffee, completely protecting it from oxygen, light, and humidity. Aluminum also has the additional benefit of being infinitely recyclable.


Nespresso’s recycling program started 28 years ago in Switzerland and now there are Nespresso recycling initiatives across 53 countries worldwide. Here in the Philippines, Nespresso aims to further its commitment to sustainability, quality, and meaningful coffee experiences. All Nespresso customers are encouraged to be part of the #ICHOOSENESPRESSOIRECYCLE movement by returning their used capsules at any of the collection points or handing them over to the courier when ordering capsules online.


Selected guests from a recent contest were invited to discover the journey of used Nespresso capsules in one of its partner organic farms where the used coffee grounds are donated. Together with Nespresso Philippine’s recycling advocate Marc Nelson, guests enjoyed learning about how Nespresso closes the loop on recycling, as well as earth stewardship through sustainability advocates Melanie Go and Hindy Weber of Holy Carabao Holistic Farms.



See how some Nespresso club members and guests got their hands dirty by using the Nespresso coffee grounds as soil compost. Here’s some snippets from the tour.



Click here to learn more about the recycling journey of your Nespresso capsule.