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Get a complimentary Monin Syrup Kit and a set of View Spoons with this 15-sleeve Holiday Selection. 5,170.00
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Gift Sets
Ristretto 25 ML
Espresso 40 ML
Lungo 110 ML

Enjoy our 15-Sleeve Holiday Coffee Selection and get a complimentary Monin Syrup kit and a set of VIEW Spoons to elevate your coffee moments at home.

Special Price = P 5,170

Original Price = P 6,770

Inclusions of 15 sleeves :

3 sleeves of Linizio Lungo
2 sleeves of Kazaar
1 sleeve of Scuro
1 sleeve of Envivo Lungo
1 sleeve of Capriccio
2 sleeves of Ristrettto
3 sleeves of Caramel Crème Brulee
1 sleeve of Livanto
1 sleeve of Arpeggio
Monin Syrup Kit
View Spoon Small