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Limited Edition
7 Intensity

Experience Master Origins collection. Willing to try the distinctive aroma profiles of the new Master Origin range resulting from unique coffee processing methods? Get a taste of each of the new 5 distinctive and exceptional coffees, mastered by craftsmen and inspired by their land.

The 5 Sleeve Master Origin pack contains:

1 Sleeve of Master Origin Ethiopia with dry-processed Arabica

1 Sleeve of Master Origin Nicaragua with black honey processed Arabica

1 Sleeve of Master Origin Colombia with late harvest Arabica

1 Sleeve of Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica

1 Sleeve of Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon


India – Intensity 11
Master Origin India with Robusta Monsoon gets its intense, woody, spicy aromatics from the monsooned Robusta blended into Indian Arabica. Monsooning coffees is unique to India’s southwest coast. Months of monsoonal winds repeatedly swell and dry the beans. It mimics the journey it used to take when sailing to Europe.


Indonesia – Intensity 8
Master Origin Indonesia wet-hulled Arabica is a race against rain. Sumatran farmers wet-hull their coffee because of the humid climate. They remove the parchment when the coffee is soft and moist because exposed beans dry faster. The method is unique to them and produces the classic Indonesian taste – velvety thick, wildly aromatic, notes of cured tobacco.

Colombia – Intensity 6
Master Origin Colombia with Late Harvest uses only high-grown, washed processed Colombian Arabica. Can you taste the lively acidity and the burst of winey red fruit aromas? That comes from those coffee farmers who dared to wait longer before harvesting their crop.

Nicaragua – Intensity 5
If Black Honey processing were the easy road to a nectarous coffee, they’d all do it. But only a few farmers dare. It’s a rare process because it calls for meticulous monitoring. Master Origin Nicaragua with ‘Black-Honey’ processed Arabica contains this coffee. It gives this Nicaraguan Arabica its smooth honeyed texture and sweet cereal notes.

Ethiopia – Intensity 4
This is Ethiopian Arabica at its finest – decadently aromatic. It has an orange blossom aroma, but the rich fruit jam notes come from the sun-dried coffee in Master Origin Ethiopia with dry processed Arabica. Continually hand-turning the coffee cherry to ensure even drying calls for great care. And Ethiopian farmers have used this method for longer than anyone else.