Espresso - Smooth and vibrant coffees for any occasion


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Espresso - Smooth and vibrant coffees for any occasion
5 Intensity
Espresso 40 ML

Capriccio is the rich, unique espresso that is ready to astonish with its surprising bouquet. South American Arabicas and a touch of Robusta bring distinct cereal notes and an acidity that gleams through.


Capriccio is a blend of South American Arabicas with just a touch of fine Robusta that gives it ample strength. The high-grown Arabica coffees are known for their graceful acidity. They balance beautifully with a Brazilian Arabica coffee we lace into the blend to add richness.


We give these component coffees a light roast to preserve that fine acidity that shimmers through the rich cereal notes. Light roasting also develops that rich profile unique to Capriccio.

Aromatic profile

Capriccio is a deep and surprisingly refreshing espresso coffee. Can you see the light acidity and fine aromatics dancing through the savory cereal notes? You’ll love Capriccio’s ability to astonish and delight.


Same aromatic profile – Volluto
Primary Note – Cereal
Secondary Note – Cereal