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Go ahead and dream a little. We did. The warming flavor of caramel softens the roasted notes of our most balanced espresso – Livanto – and makes it a sweetheart. Creamy like a soft toffee – that’s Caramelito.


Livanto is the base for the Nespresso Caramelito Variations espresso. It’s our most balanced blend of pure Arabica coffees from South America. A measured roast and grind give it roundness and smooth levels of acidity and bitterness. Caramelito’s sweet caramel flavor softens the roasted notes of this blend – but you don’t lose any of that reassuring balance in this Nespresso Variations espresso.


The medium roast develops the coffee’s malty, fruity notes to naturally bring out the caramelized aroma. With a medium to coarse grind, Caramelito stays round and balanced.