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6 Intensity

Dark and bitter chocolate flavor meets the caramelized roasted notes of the Livanto espresso in Ciocattino Variations. It’s rich and reminiscent of a square of dark chocolate.


Livanto’s roasted aroma marries well with the dark chocolate flavor. It’s pure South American Arabicas that we blended and roasted to get the roundest and most balanced profile we could. Bitterness and acidity are in total harmony in this blend of coffees – and Ciocattino only adds to that.


The coffees have natural malt, cereal and fruity notes that a medium roast caramelizes to give you a round taste with toffee and toasted cereal notes. A medium grind also helps keep all the rich aromas in balance.


Nespresso Ciocattino’s dark chocolate flavor is a great complement to that classic roast coffee aroma. This Nespresso Variations espresso pod keeps Livanto’s balance in tact. It’s dark, it’s rich, it’s classic.