Long roasted and Velvety 36.00
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11 Intensity

Dharkan is a diamond in the rough. Beneath the surface of these Latin American and Asian Arabicas is a long roast at low temperatures – it reveals the coffees intensity, evolving aromas of cocoa and roasted cereal notes, and a long aftertaste.


Dharkan’s long roast could easily chisel away the flavor gems locked inside the bean. And a long search led us to a few Arabicas born to deliver this incredible intensity despite the heat. We found them in Java and we found them in Costa Rica. We found coffees in a few other Latin American countries – all with this in common, they grow below 1400 meters. The stronger sun of these lower altitudes causes the coffee trees to develop more lipids in the fruit – it’s the tree’s natural sunscreen, and it also protects the bean during those long roasts.


This Arabica coffee blend is roasted at low temperatures for a long time – that gives the Dharkan espresso the roasted, toasted cereal notes, the low acidity, and the pleasant bitterness you often only taste in a Robusta.

Aromatic profile

When you go beneath the surface with the Nespresso Dharkan you uncover an evolving complexity – a dusty cocoa powder bitterness that lingers long and is elegantly velvety on your tongue.