Espresso & Lungo


Potent and Caramelised 34.00
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Espresso & Lungo
9 Intensity
Lungo 110 ML

Envivo Lungo awakens your senses like a sunrise dancing into morning – with power and grace. A Washed Mexican Robusta and an Indian Arabica combine to create a full bodied coffee with dramatic woodsy, gingerbread and caramel notes.


To bring you heft, we chose the Indian naturally processed Arabica coffee for its thick, textural quality. The Mexican Robusta in this Nespresso coffee capsule gives Envivo Lungo its kick. But because it’s one of those rarer washed processed Robustas, it’s free of any harsh bitterness.


Nespresso Envivo Lungo’s power comes from its full body, the high caffeine from the Mexican Robusta, but also the roast. It’s an intense coffee. We medium roast the Robusta and dark roast the Indian Arabica.

Aromatic profile

After Envivo Lungo awakens your senses, you’ll catch the heady tones of aromatic woods, and the notes of caramel and gingerbread as the Washed Robusta and Indian Arabica strike a balance. Starting up with this long black coffee pod, you’ll feel like you danced into day.