Espresso & Lungo


Rich and Full-Bodied 34.00
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Espresso & Lungo
8 Intensity
Lungo 110 ML

How do you get a rich and intense coffee without simply dark roasting a Robusta? Fortissio Lungo set full-sail into figuring that out. Balance out a thick, low-acidity Indian Monsooned Malabar with a couple of high-grown Colombian Arabicas and you’re well on your way.


This Nespresso coffee capsule is an Arabica coffee blend. And what anchors Fortissio Lungo is the Monsooned Malabar. Back in the age of sailing ships, Indian coffees took on a wild ocean-air taste on their journey around the Cape of Good Hope. Today we recreate that mellowed acidity and full-bodied taste by warehousing the coffee for months along India’s southwestern coast. Monsoonal winds blow through and transform the beans’ very structure. We balance this unique savory taste with the high-grown Colombian Arabicas that are known for their acidity and fruity notes.


The Monsooned Arabica gets a darker roast to enhance its body and cereal notes. A lighter roast of the washed Colombian coffee means all the classic finer aromatics stay in the balance of Fortissio Lungo. A very particular grind keeps this long black coffee smooth and rounded.

Aromatic profile

This Arabica coffee blend is as rich and deep as the metallic green Nespresso coffee capsule its housed in. The richness of the Fortissio Lungo pod is all in the balance of the coffee origins, their distinct processing methods, and the distinguished roasts.Sweet cereal and malty toasted notes lie beneath a spray of acidity and a lively bitterness in this Lungo coffee.