Ispirazione Italiana - Inspired by Italian roasting traditions


Exceptionally Dark and Creamy Coffee 35.00
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Ispirazione Italiana - Inspired by Italian roasting traditions
13 Intensity
Ristretto 25 ML
Espresso 40 ML

The most intense and dark roast in this range, inspired by the capital of coffee, reveals the deep-rooted roasting traditions of Naples. So, its depth of character should come as no surprise.


We created Ispirazione Napoli as a blend of Robusta from Uganda touched with Arabica from South America. We carefully selected coffees that could stand up to the intense roasting this blend calls for – bold coffees that would develop the gritty yet beautiful aromas, tastes, and textures that reflect Naples’ deep-rooted coffee history and traditions.


It takes real skill to roast to the intensity they do in Naples. As we push coffee further into to such extreme roasting degrees, a split-second could mean the difference between a beautiful, intense roast and a carbonized failure. This is why we started with Robusta beans that are particularly dense and rich in oils, allowing us to develop it for longer before it burns away. A fine grind helps bringing out the extremely thick body and delicious bitter notes that linger in its aftertaste.

Aromatic profile

Ispirazione Napoli pays tribute to the short, strong and dark espressos of this southern Italian coastal city – a thing of grit and beauty. It’s a velvety, creamy cup with an extremely thick body and a kiss of pleasant bitterness in its aftertaste.


Same aromatic profile – Ristretto Italiano
Primary Note – Intensely Roasted
Secondary Note – Cocoa