Ispirazione Italiana - Inspired by Italian roasting traditions


Harmoniously Balanced and Thick Body Coffee 35.00
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Ispirazione Italiana - Inspired by Italian roasting traditions
8 Intensity
Ristretto 25 ML
Espresso 40 ML

Over the centuries, Venetian roasters perfected their blending craft, passing
their expertise down through the generations. Intense notes of Ottoman origin are skillfully
combined with more aromatic European profiles, creating a well balanced cup with hints of
bitterness, acidity and a thick body.


We wanted to honor this distinct heritage by crafting the Ispirazione Venezia. One of Italy’s biggest coffee imports is Brazilian Arabica, so our experts began here. We then blended it with reputable, high-grown Arabicas from Colombia for its malty and fruity profile that develops beautifully during roasting, finalizing it all with a touch of African washed Robusta for an extra zing. These elements come together as a delicate and round cup, true to the Venetian tradition.


This northern trade city is not just skilled in blending, but in roasting too. The coffee roasting tends to be lighter in the north of the country. That’s why we gave the coffees in Ispirazione Venezia a medium roast that lands lighter than what you’ll find in the south but is still remaining dark enough. It gives Ispirazione Venezia that rounded mouthfeel and mellowed acidity with just a hint of bitterness

Aromatic profile

Ispirazione Venezia is a mellow, rounded and delicately aromatic coffee that will remind you of coffee beans fresh out of the roaster – taking you back in time to the early days of Italy’s coffee trade. Its lighter roast keeps the delicate aromas intensely present while developing a thick body. In Venezia you can’t miss the distinct cereal fragrance and those notes of sweet caramel that we all find so reassuring


Same aromatic profile – Stockholm and Tokyo
Primary Note – Roasted
Secondary Note – Caramel