Exceptionally Intense and Syrupy 36.00
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12 Intensity

Kazaar will take you beyond the expected. The rare washed Robusta adds a creamy texture to the bold unwashed Robusta. A touch of Arabica adds finesse to this powerful and unexpected split roast blend.


This isn’t your traditional Ristretto coffee. Nespresso Kazaar is the discovery of those who go beyond the expected. Its daring intensity comes from blending three distinct coffees. Traditionally you’d look only to unwashed Robusta to bring brute strength. But our washed Robusta is a rare find that balances out the Kazaar coffee pod with its clean taste and creamy texture. These Robusta farmers process their coffee with the same care that washed Arabica farmers do. It helps add that elegant touch to the robustness in Kazaar. A bit of Latin American Arabica lends a natural sweetness to Kazaar.


The coffees are split roasted – the Robustas get an intense roast to keep their bitterness and body, and the Arabica’s long roast favors the finer notes.

Aromatic profile

Together the Arabica and Robusta balance each other out in this espresso. You’ll taste the audacious bitterness and peppery notes leaping out through the syrupy thick body.