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Limited Edition
The Flat White Over Ice blend focuses on the roasted notes with the body that can punch through milk and strike a perfect balance in taste. For something fresh, try adding ice cubes, milk and caramel syrup to the coffee. The rich aromas will balance out the sweetness of the milk, giving you a blend of sweet harmony.


The two main origins of the Flat White Over Ice are India and Ethiopia.


We prepared this blend following the split roasting technique in order to reveal the optimal of each green coffee specificity. The roasting of the Flat White Over Ice blend is dark to enhance the cereal and spicy notes.

Aromatic Profile

The Flat White Over Ice blend gets a darker roast that brings out the coffees’ bold spice notes. Adding ice and milk for the recipe means the coffee has to be particularly intense and full-bodied, so it does not wind up tasting weak and watered-down. Its rounded cereal and roasty note marries beautifully with the sweetness of milk. You will taste its smooth and creamy texture and rich aromatics when you try the Flat White recipe.

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