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Fruity and Flowery 45.00
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Limited Edition

The sharp notes and fruity aromas creates a refreshing taste to this blend, which helps the coffee stand alone as a black coffee without milk. For a cool Australian twist, try adding ice cubes, sparkling water and tropical flavour of coconut syrup to the coffee, giving you a vibrant blend.


The two main origins of the Long Black Over Ice are Ethiopia and Peru.


We prepared this blend following the split roasting technique in order to reveal the optimal of each green coffee specificity. The roasting of the Long Black Over Ice blend is light to highlight acidic notes.

Aromatic Profile

The Long Black Over Ice blend of South American and East African coffees has a strong yet refined acidity and refreshing fruity and floral aromas that are intense enough to handle being watered down by the melting ice. By keeping a light roast its acidity and fruity, floral aromas become vibrant which reflects the Australian style of Long Black coffee.

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