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10 Intensity

‘Less is more’ says the Italian ristretto. 25 ml makes it a ‘restricted’ espresso that brings out the coffee’s hidden aromatics. We split roast a contrasting bouquet of Arabica and Robusta from around the world to recreate this Italian classic’s intense and roasty, yet crisp and fruity, ‘less is more’ taste.


Nespresso Ristretto is a sophisticated recipe of coffees – both Arabica and Robusta – that each lend their distinct personality to create this classic Italian taste. On top of a neutral base of Brazilian Arabica comes a dash of Robusta from South India. It adds a kick to Ristretto. The best of South American and East African Arabicas add a hint of a crisp fruit note to the Ristretto pod.


Split roasting means you can taste what each coffee brings to the cup. The long-roasted Robusta coffee gives Nespresso Ristretto its body, its roastiness and its cocoa bitterness. Putting the Arabica coffees through a quick roast keeps their bright acidity and fruity notes alive and gives Ristretto more in the cup.

Aromatic profile

A roasty and intense coffee but with fruity notes and a hint of acidity dancing through the blend – Ristretto is mysterious and magnetic in its complexity. Extracted to the classic 25 ml, you’ll soon see how right the Neapolitans are – less can truly be more.