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8 Intensity

Roma is the Intenso coffee with the most finesse – think of it as the essence of chic. Rich, complex, delicate, Roma is known for its base of woodsy, roasty, cereal coffees that we light roast alongside a high-grown washed Arabica with refined aromatics.


The natural Arabica and Robusta from Brazil provide that deep base. Roma’s complexity comes from adding a high-grown washed Arabica coffee from Ixhuatlan in Mexico. This Arabica grows in rich and fertile volcanic soils and it’s processed so carefully – the farmers even dry the coffee on what they call ‘raised drying beds’ to protect it from the rains. You can taste the results in the cup. Delicate green fruit aromatics and a distinguished acidity are what make Roma the essence of chic.


A light roast and a fine grind preserve the coffees’ aromatic finesse. It helps keep Roma strong yet mild.

Aromatic profile

Roma is beautifully complex. There’s a subtle balance between the strength of the roastiness, the depth of the woodsy, cereal notes, and the finesse of the acidity and elegant aromatics. Roma is the ideal coffee if you’re after a generous yet graceful espresso.