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Rich & Full-Bodied (Originally: Fortissio Lungo) 34.00
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World Explorations
8 Intensity
Lungo 110 ML

A smooth, monsooned Lungo with remarkable intensity for a pure Arabica.

Swedes are among the world’s biggest coffee consumers. Wander around Stockholm, and you’ll often find intense black coffees with a malty savoury note coming from the distinctive Monsoon Arabica. World Explorations Stockholm Fortissio Lungo recreates the aromatic profile of a Swedish coffee by coupling Monsooned Malabar with Colombian Arabica for an intense, sweet cup with a hint of bitterness.
Drink it like a local: Share your large flavourful cup and cinnamon rolls with friends and family.


Same aromatic profile – Ispirazione Venezia and Tokyo
Primary Note – Roasted
Secondary Note – Malted