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Floral & Complex (Originally: Vivalto Lungo) 34.00
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World Explorations
6 Intensity
Lungo 110 ML

A refined and balanced Lungo coffee – best enjoyed black to savour the elegant, flowery aromas and complex tastes.

Known for tea, the Japanese also have a real affinity for coffee. Striving for sophistication and natural sweetness, they love both a rich coffee and a balance of elegant aromas. World Explorations Tokyo Vivalto Lungo captures the essence of these preferences with refined Ethiopian and Mexican Arabicas. Complex, floral, with a hint of acidity – you will be pleasantly surprised by this cup.
Drink it like a local: Extract your long black cup up to 150ml and take time to savour its aromas.


Same aromatic profile – Ispirazione Venezia and Stockholm
Primary Note –  Roasted
Secondary Note – Flowery