Espresso & Lungo


Complex and Balanced 34.00
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Espresso & Lungo
4 Intensity
Lungo 110 ML

Have you tasted Vivalto Lungo’s irresistible complexity and wondered how we do it? Toasted cereal notes, bright florals and that seductive roastiness – it’s a dramatic blend of contrasting Arabicas from South America and East Africa.


One of the coffees in this Arabica coffee blend is a Brazilian from the Cerrado region. It’s naturally processed – which means that after harvest the whole coffee cherry are laid out to dry in the sun. It brings natural balance and structure to Vivalto Lungo. Cerrado coffee is known for its typical Brazil taste – rounded, nutty, low in acidity. Adding a high-grown Colombian Arabica gives it finesse and a lively acidity. A washed Ethiopian Arabica joins the dance with its floral notes.


Short, dark roasting the Brazil develops Vivalto Lungo’s classic roastiness. A lighter roast on the washed coffees holds onto their finer aromatics.

Aromatic profile

The blue Nespresso coffee pod – Vivalto Lungo – is a seductively roasty coffee – but dancing through those toasted cereal notes you’ll taste the bright florals in beautiful balance.