Espresso & Lungo


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Espresso & Lungo
4 Intensity

Sweet and light. Delightfully balanced cereal and fruity notes. Volluto has an easy way about it. And Volluto Decaffeinato is faithful to form – Brazilian and Colombian coffees are carefully composed and now gently decaffeinated – for very sunny living.


Just as with the original, Volluto Decaffeinato is a blend of pure Arabicas from Latin America. The gentle decaffeination process removes the caffeine naturally – but you won’t get any dramatic change in character. We still play with all the parameters of blend, roast and grind to get Volluto Decaffeinato to match the original Volluto Arabica coffee blend as closely as possible. So you’ll still get the mellow cereal notes of the Brazil beneath a soft hint of acidity and the red fruit notes of the washed Colombian.


Volluto Decaffeinato is split roasted to bring out the unique characteristics of each coffee. A short roast unfolds the sweet biscuit notes of the Brazilian Arabica. The finer fruit aromatics you taste from the Colombian Arabica coffee are developed in its longer light roast.

Aromatic profile

This Nespresso decaf espresso is sweet and smooth, rich and round, just like Volluto – but without caffeine. The balanced light taste of Volluto Decaffeinato makes for very sunny living.