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Our incomparable coffees

What if one sip was all it took to delight your guests? Discover the Nespresso premium coffee experience.

Nespresso Coffees are hand selected from the finest 1–2% of the world’s coffee beans. We offer a wide selection of coffees, each displaying the distinctive character of its unique origins and blending techniques.

Our single-serve aluminum capsules are sealed to guarantee freshness for up to a year, helping your hotel control costs and reduce waste.

A sign of excellence

To choose Nespresso coffee capsules and coffee machines for your hotel is a symbol of your passion for excellence and commitment to your customers. Our Coffees are developed to satisfy the most discerning palates, sourced from the finest coffee growing territories around the world and used with machines that deliver exceptional coffee, cup after cup. Together this adds up to a strong yet subtle statement that affirms your establishment's association with a discerning luxury lifestyle.

13 Nespresso coffees to suit every taste, any time of the day

ristretto intenso

Ristretto Intenso

A daring blend of South and Central American Robustas and Arabica, Ristretto Intenso is a full coffee of exceptional intensity with notes of pepper and creamy texture.


Size: icon cup 25ml



Pure and dark-roasted South and Central American Arabicas make Ristretto a coffee with dense body and distinct cocoa notes.


Size: icon cup 25ml

ristretto origin india

Ristretto Origin India

Ristretto Origin India is the marriage of the finest Arabicas with a hint of Robusta from Southern India. It is a full-bodied coffee, which has a powerful character and notes of spices.


Size: icon cup 25ml

espresso forte

Espresso Forte

Made exclusively from South and Central American Arabicas, the complex aroma of this intensely roasted espresso is a balance of strong roasted and fruity notes.


Size: icon cup 40ml

espresso leggero

Espresso Leggero

A delicious blend of of South American Arabica and Robusta, Espresso Leggero adds smooth cocoa and cereal notes to a well balanced body.


Size: icon cup 40ml

espresso origin brazil

Espresso Origin Brazil

A pure Arabica coffee, Espresso Origin Brazil is a delicate blend with a smooth texture, an elegantly mild and sweet flavor enhanced by a note of lightly toasted grain.


Size: icon cup 40ml

lungo forte

Lungo Forte

A complex blend of South and Central American Arabicas, Lungo Forte holds intense roasted notes with a subtle hint of fruit.


Size: icon cup 110ml

lungo leggero

Lungo Leggero

A delicate blend of lightly roasted East African, South and Central American Arabicas, Lungo Leggero is an aromatic coffee with mild notes of jasmine.


Size: icon cup 110ml

lungo origin guatemala

Lungo Origin Guatemala

A blend of Arabica and washed Robusta coffee, Lungo Origin Guatemala is a smooth and balanced blend with intense dry and malty cereal notes underlying its bold character.


Size: icon cup 110ml

espresso decaffeinato

Espresso Decaffeinato

Dark roasted South American Arabica with a touch of Robusta brings out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso.


Size: icon cup 40ml

lungo decaffeinato

Lungo Decaffeinato

Lungo Decaffeinato is a balanced decaffeinated coffee made from a complex blend of separately roasted South American and East African Arabicas.


Size: icon cup 110ml

espresso vanillo

Espresso Vanilla

Espresso Vanilla is a flavored coffee elaborated on a base of Espresso Forte, a complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas.


Size: icon cup 40ml

espresso caramel

Espresso Caramel

Espresso Caramel is a flavored coffee elaborated on a base of Espresso Forte, a complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas.


Size: icon cup 40ml



Professional machines to meet your Hotel's service needs

From in-room solutions, to your restaurant and banquet operations, Nespresso provides a machine that works beautifully and efficiently.

Each stylish, state-of-the-art Nespresso machine has been masterfully designed to support the high-volume use they will receive in your hotel. Activated by a single touch, our machines are equipped with an exclusive, powerful extraction process that generates incomparable crema (the golden foam that tops the coffee) and seals in all the coffee aromas. Your guests and employees can make the perfect coffee or espresso they’ll love, and remember, with ease.

Professional coffee machines for your service needs

Pixie Black


  • Compact, suitable for in-room use
  • Different colors
  • Extracts espresso and long black
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  • Fits easily in any space
  • One extraction head
  • 2 Liter water tank for high autonomy
  • Recommended serving per month: 200+
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  • Forward thinking design, flexible to use, and double head for 2 simultaneous coffee preparations
  • Built in milk frother for milk-based recipes
  • Options for using water tank or connecting to direct water line
  • Recommended serving per month: 600+
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aguila range


  • An elegant high-volume solution for fast paced environments
  • Features two extraction heads
  • Barista-style milk-based recipes at the touch of a button
  • Recommended serving per month: 2000+
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Create a memorable coffee experience

Nespresso offers a range of beautifully versatile coffee accessories that make enjoying our extraordinary coffees even more special for your guests.

We offer several accessory collections ranging from cups and glasses, to presentation boxes and machine maintenance supplies, and convenient Nespresso on-the-go cups.

Discover Nespresso accessories to compliment your customers' Nespresso coffee experience


Coffee Tasting

  • Simple and elegant range of cups designed specifically for the Professional collection.

Capsule Dispensers

  • Display your Nespresso coffees to your guests using one of our presentation boxes.

Maintenance & Recycling

  • This extra touch will maintain your machine at its optimum performance and ensure perfect coffee, cup after cup.
Milk Solutions

Milk Solutions

  • Enjoy milk-based coffees with accessories that heat and froth milk quickly and easily at a touch of a button.


What else can we do for you?

When running a hotel, your time is valuable. You need reliable technical support and dedicated services which leave you free to concentrate on developing your business.

Whether it's our dedicated customer service line or delivery service, Nespresso takes care of the details for you.



The Positive Cup: Our approach to sustainability

At Nespresso, we believe that each cup of coffee can not only deliver a moment of pleasure, but also restore, replenish and revive environmental resources and communities.

As a company, sustainability is our way of doing business and is at the heart of everything we do.

Through our sustainability strategy The Positive Cup, our aim is to reach our 2020 goal of making every cup of Nespresso a positive cup. To realise this vision, Nespresso has set itself ambitious commitments:

  • Coffee: 100% sustainably sourced coffee
  • Capsules: 100% sustainably managed aluminium
  • Climate: 100% carbon insetting
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