Your last sip of coffee marks the beginning of its second life. The aluminum in every Nespresso capsule you recycle goes into the making of something useful again.

This time, it's a pair of chopsticks


Here is how you can 

recycle your coffee capsules

With the Nespresso recycling plan, we provide different options for recycling your used aluminum capsules and fulfilling your commitment to protecting the environment. Drop them off at the nearest Nespresso Boutique or partner locations.

Claim your recycling bag at the Nespresso botique or add a recycling bag to your online coffee order

Fill your recycling bag with used Nespresso capsules and drop them off at the Nespresso Boutique, other participating collection points, or return them during your next home delivery.

For our Nespresso Professional customers, we offer a free of charge collection service of Nespresso Professional capsules.

Nespresso focuses efforts around 3 areas



Aluminum is the most protective
material available today, It guarantees 
the freshness...


At Nespresso, we seek ways to make a
difference anywhere we can, This is
why we...


Beyond its ability to deliver your
premium coffe, we selected aluminum
for other reasons...




Coffee is protected from the outside, while aromas are preserved inside

Aluminum is the most protective material available today. It guarantees the freshness of the carefully crafted aromas and rich flavors of our coffees.

Lightweight but strong, aluminum seals the coffee from external elements which could affect its quality - oxygen, moisture and light.

Inspiring sustainable consumption

At Nespresso, we seek ways to make a difference anywhere we can. This is why we are committed to doing business responsibly.

It means ensuring the sustainability of your coffee through a comprehensive program with observable results.

"The sustainability program with Nespresso is surpassed by on one... they have set this up so that if you are responsible and you want to participate in true recycling: it is very easy to do."

Interview on Sustainability with George Clooney

The last drop doesn't mean the last use

A second life for both capsule and coffee.



The last drop doesn’t mean the last use for aluminum

Aluminum is not just 100% recyclable, it’s infinitely recyclable. Each capsule you recycle can come back in another everyday object – another capsule, bicycle or window frame.

Aluminum Capsule


The last drop doesn’t mean the last use for coffee grounds

Once separated from the aluminum, the used coffee grounds are sent to local farms to be used in compost for vegetable farming. Using coffee grounds improves drainage, aerates soil and acts as a natural pest repellent.

Ground Capsule

Now and into the future

Ever since our journey began with coffee more than 25 years ago, we have been deploying sustainability with the same passion and expertise.

Today, Nespresso's coffee capsule recycling program includes 39 countries.We hope you will embark on this journey with us towards creating a more sustainable future.


Nespresso coffee capsules are made from aluminum – the best material to protect the freshness and quality of our coffee, which has the additional benefit of being infinitely recyclable. Nespresso has been investing in its dedicated recycling scheme for more than 25 years. We are committed to making it as simple and convenient for our customers to recycle their Nespresso capsules.

There are currently three ways to recycle your used Nespresso aluminum coffee capsules in the Philippines: Return your used aluminum capsules to a Nespresso Boutique. Drop them off at a participating collection point. Return your used aluminum capsules for every home delivery upon ordering on the website.

Nespresso aluminum coffee capsules that are recycled with Nespresso are sent to a specialist recycling plant. There, the aluminum is separated from the residual coffee. The coffee is sent to local farms to be transformed into compost, while the aluminum is recycled and sent back to the aluminum industry to produce new aluminum products.

We use aluminum because it is the best material to protect the freshness, taste and quality of Nespresso coffee. Aluminum is a naturally-occurring metal and is infinitely recyclable. Thanks to the aluminum, there is no need for additional over-packaging to protect freshness and taste. Recycled aluminum is extremely versatile. An estimated 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Aluminum is used in a wide range of products, from food packaging to cars and computers, window frames to bicycles.

Nespresso capsules require a special grade of aluminum. The availability of recycled aluminum in this specific grade is very low. In fact, the best source of the correct grade of aluminum is from recycled Nespresso capsules. We are using recycled Nespresso capsules to make new capsules wherever it is feasible and it makes sense environmentally.

Plastic capsules generally need more packaging such as an additional wrapper to preserve freshness. Ironically, this is often made of aluminum. We believe aluminum is the more sustainable material for our capsules as it reduces the need for extra packaging and protects the freshness and quality of our coffee - and it is infinitely recyclable.

We believe that portioned coffee makes sense from a sustainability perspective. We use a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach to measure the carbon footprint of our products. We are working at all stages of our product life-cycle – from seed to sip – to reduce our environment impact. Since 2009,  we have already reduced the carbon footprint of every cup of Nespresso by almost 20%.

We use a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach to measure the environmental impact of our products. It shows that the greatest impacts are the processes of coffee farming, followed by the machine-use phase. Packaging is not the main driver of the environmental impact, it only comes third. With the Nespresso precision consumption system, our customers only use the exact amount of water, coffee and energy needed to make one cup with no wasted resources - minimising food, water and energy waste. The precise use of resources in a precision consumption system can actually reduce waste, and in many scenarios this more than compensates for the additional packaging used for portioned coffee.

We offer a free of charge collection service to our larger customers for their used Nespresso capsules. Upon request or during delivery, we pick up their used aluminum capsules (both Professional & in-home Nespress capsules). As both Nespresso capsules are recyclable, we also encourage businesses to collect the used Nespresso aluminum capsules that employees can bring in from home, making it even easier to participate in recycling.

We believe that customers understand and appreciate the impact that recycling can have on improving the environmental performance of a cup of Nespresso coffee and in itself this provides a strong incentive to recycle used capsules.

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